Juicing: Day 2 – I make this sh*t look easy

Start weight: 166 lbs
Current weight: 163.6

Two days into my juicing experiment and I’ve already lost 2.4 lbs! I guess most of that is water, but it certainly doesn’t hurt my motivation to see the number on the scales going down so soon.

And as for the juicing itself? It’s… ok.

The juice tastes fine, there are very few dishes to do and I’ve found I don’t get that heavy, sleepy feeling after lunch anymore.

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Instead of feeling heavy and sleepy, I feel lightheaded and have stomach pains. And the hunger – oh god, the hunger – is really not pleasant.

Is it perverse that I’m taking comfort in some of these side effects? It feels weirdly good to be in discomfort because I can tell myself that what I’m doing is working.

The only thing keeping me going is the prospect of real food for dinner every night – if I can just get to dinner time, it’ll all be fine. I think we’re probably making it worse for ourselves because our bodies won’t adjust to the juicing if we’re always breaking up the process with food, but I don’t care – there isn’t a cats chance in hell I’m giving up my dinner.

And if my weight loss continues, I’m not complaining.


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